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Laboratory Services

CETEC (PVT) Ltd. owns a laboratory fully equipped with the instruments used in the field of Environmental Engineering.

This laboratory has the approval of the Central Environmental Authority (CEA) which is capable of measuring almost all the parameters that are under the requirements of CEA to obtain your Environmental Protection License (EPL)

CETEC Laboratory has the ISO 17025 International Accreditation.

Testing Scope :

  • Water Testing
  • Wastewater Testing
  • Noise Level Testing
  • Dust Level Testing
  • Air Quality Testing
  • Indoor Light Level Testing
  • Stack Monitoring
  • Heat Stress Monitoring
  • Indoor Air Quality Testing

We are Certified By

Water Analysis

We carryout water quality analysis for surface water, groundwater, raw and treated water from drinking water treatment plant. Also we are equipped to analyze any type of water from any kind of industry with reference to particular methods which have been complimented by the regulated bodies or authorizes.

The water quality analysis in the laboratory is done by the experienced lab technicians/chemist with the supervision of laboratory manager and senior technical managers. All the analysis in the laboratory is done as per the standard method provided in APHA or any other method approved by the authorities.

Wastewater Analysis

We measure the quality of any type of wastewater. The analysis is done for EPL purposes, troubleshoot any existing wastewater treatment plant, efficiency analysis for individual wastewater treatment unit and identify the optimum chemical dosages.

Noise Measurement

With a Type A noise meter (BSWA 308), which is approved by the CEA, we measure noise pollution in any type of industry and construction/project site. The instrument is calibrated, with the Type 0 noise instrument annually and with CA111 sound level calibrator daily.
The instrument has the capability to measure Leq noise level values with A, C and Z frequency weighing scale at fast or slow time weighing.

Air quality measurement

It is a mandatory to keep the air clean for the existence of life on this planet, so do for the health of the employees and the wellbeing of the industry. The common problems with the industries on air quality measurement is what to measure and where to measure it…

We have the answers, we measure the air quality at any type of industry and issue the reports which are requested by the authorities.

What We Measure in Air Quality Monitoring…

Indoor / Ambient / Stack / Fugitive Emissions Particulate matter (PM 2.5 / PM 10 / TSPM & TVOC) Gas Measurement SOX, / NOX / O3 ….